Discover the Barcelona modernist route

Modernisme, or Catalan Modernism, came to Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. This architectural style, similar to the Art Nouveau movement, played a major role in indicating the social status of the then infamous bourgeoisie.

Rich clients used to employ well-known architects to design them a Modernista house, complete with the style’s recognisable features: rich sculptural and wrought iron work, stained glass, floral decorations, undulating forms, sgraffito work, and ceramic details.

Barcelona’s urban landscape is abundant in Modernisme creations, particularly in the Eixample neighbourhood, where these architectural gems often stand side by side. You simply need to walk around the city to understand just how important this cultural movement was to its inhabitants, and how Modernisme shaped Barcelona into the city that we know and love today.

The Barcelona Modernist Route

1. Park Güell

The Barcelona Modernist Route starts in the city’s Gràcia neighbourhood, just above the Eixample

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