Discover the beauty of the Canadian Rockies

Discover the beauty of the Canadian Rockies By on Oct 08, 2022 in Attractions, Canada, Going Out, North America, Regions

Embark on a three-week journey and discover some of Canada’s most beautiful national parks. Be mesmerised by the untouched wilderness and the picturesque landscapes. Spot unique wildlife such as moose, wolves, beavers and grizzly bears. Meet the friendly locals, visit quirky towns, and uncover the fascinating culture. Take an unforgettable trip and immerse yourself in pure nature.

Local tip: The best time to travel is between May and October.

Travel at a relaxed pace

The best way to experience Canada is to travel at a relaxed pace. Slow down and take in the wondrous environment around you. No need to rush from highlight to highlight. By spending two to four nights at each destination, you can capture the essence of each special place.

Experience authentic

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