Discover the top 3 biomes for safaris in Brazil

Brazil is home to the world’s largest biodiversity. Among the various ecosystems found in the country, three stand out. Considered the lung of our planet, the Amazon rainforest alone covers nearly 60% of Brazil’s territory, while the Pantanal is one of the world’s largest continuous wetlands. Ecotourism destinations par excellence, these regions, as well as the Cerrado, are home to a huge variety of wildlife, inviting you to immerse yourself in almost untouched nature. Let’s discover where and when to go on safari in Brazil.


Welcome to the largest rainforest on the planet! With about 60% of its area in Brazil, the Amazon rainforest impresses with its biodiversity and offers a wide range of experiences. The other 40% of its total area (in neighboring countries) has mostly muddy rivers, but in Brazil rivers are clearwater or blackwater, free of mosquitoes, and great for diving in rivers and tributaries.

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