Discovering Chile – the surreal and mesmerizing landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama

Our guest blogger Mark from Flying and Travel owns the only dedicated travel blog run by a pilot and has been flying around the world as an airline pilot for over 8 years, clocking up a very impressive 2 million miles across the globe. One of his stops on his incredible journey was the surreally beautiful, lunar-esque landscapes of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile, South America – home to the San Pedro de Atacama desert which is the driest place on earth….

This is my journey across the Chilean Atacama to discover the wonder in this alien world. The landscapes here are so alien that this area is used by scientists and Hollywood as locations for the planet Mars. From beautiful Altiplano lakes, scorched salt flats, searing desert sand dunes, and to steaming volcanic geysers; Chile’s San Pedro de Atacama is a destination like no other on Earth.

You climb the giant sand dune here for

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