Discovering Croatia aboard brand-new luxury yacht Acapella

Croatia is a favourite destination for sun lovers and culture seekers to engage with exceptional natural beauty and some of the world’s most outstanding world heritage sites, and it is possible to complete a whirlwind tour of all the greatest attractions in style with brand new luxury motor-sailer yacht ACAPELLA.

Preserve your privacy, avoid crowded beaches in summer and travel between the mainland and distant isles stress-free and on your own schedule on a private luxury yacht charter. This allows you to stay longer at your favourite spots and even spend nights at quiet anchorages under starry night skies.

The Croatian stretch of coastline has over 700 islands, nearly 400 islets and 78 reefs and is the Mediterranean’s second-largest archipelago after Greece. It’s the perfect destination to take off and find your own remote hideaway to enjoy the sunbathing facilities on board in complete

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