Discovering idyllic Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Located right on the waterfront of Lake Como, in the Italian region known as Lombardy, idyllic Bellagio is a maze of red-roofed and green-shuttered buildings, steep stone staircases, lush cypress groves and rhododendron-scented gardens all flanked by a waterfront collection of bobbing boats. It’s a place that’s impossible not to fall in love with. Our guest blogger  Sonal Sarin, an ex-Googler, mother of two young kids visited and was captivated by this extraordinary part of  Italy….

As Wordsworth said “ Lake Como is a treasure whom the earth keeps to herself”. For our Italian vacation this summer, we decided to end what promised to be an action-packed trip with pure joy of doing nothing – Dolce Far Niente! We started off in gorgeous Tuscany and decided to kick back in Lombardy region’s Lake Como with our friends. Minutes away from Switzerland, at the base of Rhaetian Alps lies Italy’s

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