Discovering Santorini – the seductive island 

One of the world’s most beautiful places, Santorini is an increasingly popular travel destination. Our guest blogger Tanu from fell for its captivating charms...

She was beauty and seduction intertwined. A gale of delight from the divine. That’s how I felt about this beautiful little Greek island of Santorini. It’s implausible, to not be smitten, by its mystical charm, and fantasize about every moment spent here, even long after, you are gone. This most sought-after destination of the Instagram generation is definitely worth all the hype. You must visit it sooner, so that you catch a glimpse of the virgin and the only volcanic island in the world, with its crater still-in the sea. Though promoted heavily, it’s still not quite eyed by the swarming tourist community as-yet, and you may find some parts of the island completely to yourself.

Santorini also voted as one of the world’s most beautiful islands by 2015, Traveler’s Choice Awards, is an

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