Discovering the Indigenous Side of Aklan: An Immersion with Aklanon Bukidnon Community in Panipiason, Madalag

By: Ritchel C. Cahilig

During our Aklan to Antique traverse through Mt. Madjaas, we were invited by Tay Herminio and Tay Roming, our guides from Barangay Panipiason, Madalag, to come back to their vibrant community to experience their fiesta called ‘Pistang Kristiyano’ in the coming weeks. Without hesitation, we said ‘yes’ to them.

True to our words, Richard and I traveled to Madalag on the eve of May 24. We went on our motorbike from Kalibo to the town proper. Initially, we planned to proceed to Panipiason. However, we were advised by the locals not to because the road is treacherous and the weather is bad. It’s been raining cats and dogs the whole day. After securely parking our bike at the front of the town’s municipal hall, we looked for a habal-habal to rent. It took us sometime to find one because drivers went home early for the bisperas. Luckily, someone volunteered to bring us there despite of the time and terrain condition. What we didn’t expect was the experience of a death-defying ride that night. We had to drive over some rough, slippery, and winding terrain. The wheels slipped many times and we even fell down

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