Discovering Trinidad, Cuba – 7 beautiful things to do

A country of extreme idiosyncrasies, and an infectious passion and friendliness unlike any other country I’ve visited, Cuba is easily one of my favourite travel destinations in the world. While the country receives an increasing amount of curious visitors, most never leave Cuba’s captivating, chaotic capital Havana. Trinidad – Cuba’s second most visited city – offers a more laid back taste of the country’s colourful colonial past. Once a prosperous and thriving city, although it’s a 4-hour drive from Havana, it’s an easily accessible place to visit and makes a great addition on a tour of Cuba which would include Havana, Vinales and one of the idyllic islands located on the North Coast (we visited Cayo Santa Maria). To fully immerse yourself into Trinidad’s magical atmosphere, here is how I would recommend making the most of your time there…

How to get there

We took a flight from the

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