Does an Actual Lottery Strategy Exist?

Added by on January 15, 2018

A Jacksonville man just won $1 million with a lottery couple of days ago. While compared to the huge winnings we have all heard about, winnings going up to a billion dollars and more, this doesn’t seem like a huge win, it would make most of our lives way easier. And for some of us this would mean we’d be set for life. Obviously, lottery is a game of chance, game of luck, game of numbers, and the chances of winning a Jackpot, or even the $1 million, are pretty low. Then again, usually it doesn’t cost much to try. And people do win with lottery.

However, I was just thinking, does an actual strategy exist for playing lottery?

After a little research, there are people who claim there are strategies that we could all be using. Whether they work or not,

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