Doing good in 2022

Doing good in 2022 By on Jan 01, 2022 in Africa, Asia, Australia, Featured, Indonesia, Oceania, Peru, Regions, South America, Sri Lanka, Zambia

Happy New Year! If 2021 was the year when travel got back on its feet, here’s to 2022 being the year that travel runs again. My encouragement to you is to remember the ‘forgotten victims’ of COVID – those communities dependent on tourism who have lost their livelihoods and become unable to provide for their families.

Nations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Pacific have been particularly devastated.

This is your opportunity to travel to these locations, be welcomed with open arms, engage with the locals, and make a difference in their lives. Simply spending money in these destinations will help, but certain travel operators can enable you to go deeper and really do good, in a hands-on way.

What would

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