Dr. Robyn Benson of Santa Fe Soul

“Being Bold is being a badass at 52. Being Bold is being courageous and taking on lofty things that most people would not want to be doing at this stage.” – Dr. Robyn Benson

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You’re going to want to grab a pen and paper for this episode because it’s packed with information and ideas on how to up your game and live a healthier life. I have included a lot of informationbelow but you may find specific suggestions that pertain to you that you’ll want to jot down.

This conversation is with Dr. Robyn Benson. She’s a doctor of oriental medicine and she’s got a practice in Santa Fe. Her clinic is called Santa Fe Soul and she practices what she calls Amplified Regenerative Therapies (and we’ll get into the specifics of that in this conversation).

There are a few things that

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