Dream Travel Jobs: What It’s Like to be a Travel Show Producer

Bella Falk has what most people consider a dream job: She travels the world working as a TV producer and director, shooting travel shows for the BBC and Lonely Planet.

Bella and I connected while we were living in Uganda, and I was so fascinated by her life and career that I asked her to do a Q&A.

Here, Bella answers my seven most pressing questions about working as a travel show producer (a.k.a. my dream job)…

How did you get into TV production?

I was always obsessed with the BBC. So, after I graduated, I did a post-grad in broadcast journalism. Initially, I thought I was going to go into news.

Then I found out that the BBC was running a trainee scheme in factual programming. The trainee scheme was ridiculously competitive — I think 6,000 people applied, and I managed to get a place, which was insane. And

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