Dreaming of Dubai: 5 top experiences for my next trip

I’ve been to Dubai a couple of times, but each trip was rather brief. Yet I had enough time to appreciate the amazing contrasts in a city where sheikhs have fulfilled their dreams, but ancient traditions live on. I spent time in the opulent Burj al Arab, filming the incredible palatial surroundings of the Royal Suite, which is a must for any visiting VIP.

But I equally enjoyed the authentic experience of attending an iftar in Dubai. An iftar is the evening meal that families enjoy together after a day of fasting during Ramadan. It was a wonderful opportunity to understand the local culture better and to sample the flavours of authentic Emirati cuisine.

These brief experiences have left me with a hunger for more. So I’ve been dreaming of my next trip to Dubai and planning some of the top authentic experiences I wish to have. I’ve

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