Driving the Extraterrestrial Highway: A Nevada Road Trip in Search of Aliens!

If you don’t know what you’re looking for, State Route 375 may seem like an ordinary stretch of road, but for those who believe in alien life, this is a pilgrimage site better known as the Extraterrestrial Highway!

Located in south-central Nevada, State Route 375 spans a total of 98 miles between the towns of Warm Springs and Crystal Springs and it is punctuated by desert landscapes, empty roads, and a few quirky attractions worth a visit.

I started out my drive from Alamo, where I had previously spent the night and after fueling up at a station with a giant green dinosaur (I thought we were looking for aliens here), we began the journey north along the Great Basin Highway. 

This blog post is going to share some of the attractions I visited along the Extraterrestrial Highway, and trust me, there are some real gems out here!

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