Eat Walk Edinburgh: A Quintessentially Scottish Food Tour

Scottish food doesn’t have the best reputation; Edinburgh seems to be more renowned for its deep-fried mars bars than its collection of Michelin star restaurants. But, beyond the stereotypical dishes and grease-laden, battered snacks, you’ll find fresh seafood, grass-fed meat, and seasonal produce. Contemporary Scottish cuisine has a strong focus on local, organic, farm-to-table food, and a great deal of influence from an array of international cuisines.

Eat Walk Edinburgh’s food tours are a great introduction to modern and traditional Scottish cuisine. We’ve already covered their Canongate Food Tour, so today we’ll be looking at their Old and New Town Tour which includes the country’s most infamous foods, along with some delicious, lesser-known dishes. And food isn’t the only highlight – the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and provide a fantastic insight into Edinburgh’s intriguing history along the way.

A hotel with a history 

The tour began at Hotel Du Vin, a boutique hotel with a rather

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