Eat your way around the Algarve this Summer

Eat your way around the Algarve this Summer By on May 26, 2023 in Europe, Food and Drink, Portugal, Regions, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe

In a major new survey carried out by American Express on Global Travel Trends 81% of participants said that trying the local cuisine is the part of travel they look forward to the most and 75% are most interested in eating at local restaurants when travelling. With that in mind the Algarve Tourist Board has compiled a list of the best places to try the various culinary specialities of the region.

The Algarve is a food lover’s paradise, boasting a rich culinary heritage influenced by its long Atlantic coastline, Moorish ancestry and sunny climate that have created a healthy Mediterranean diet of outstanding fish, shellfish, fruits and vegetables. Fresh daily catches feature on most menus and often include cockles, clams, oysters,

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