Eco-luxury Earth Day

Eco-luxury Earth Day By on May 01, 2022 in Africa, Australia, Central America, Costa Rica, Kenya, Oceania, Regions, South Africa

Earth Day was April 22, and the theme this year is ‘invest in our planet’, and I encourage you to do just that by investing in eco-luxury accommodation on your next trip.

Yes, eco-luxury can cost more than ‘regular’ luxury accommodation, but it is worth it. Here’s why. Eco-luxury properties take sustainability seriously, with practices such as:

They are architecturally designed with sustainability at the forefront They are constructed using recycled, locally sourced materials and blended into the setting with no damage to flora and fauna They generate their own electricity (such as solar or wind) They use LED lighting They recycle, and sustainably use waste materials, such as used cooking oil to power vehicles, or heat from ovens used to heat rooms They reuse

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