Egypt’s revived Bibliotheca Alexandrina

As you may or may not know, the Library of Alexandria is a major library in Egypt and is a cultural center located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Bibliotheca Alexandrina was built in 2002 and is a revival of the Ancient Library of Alexandria. Construction on the new library began in 1995 and after 7 years and 220$ million in spending, the library was officially reopened.

Dedicated to be the center of excellence, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina aims to be the world’s window on Egypt and vice-versa, a leading institution of digital age and a learning center. Make sure to visit this magnificent library whenever you’re visiting Egypt, as it does not only perform as a library, but also a place of dialogue, learning and understanding different cultures and peoples.

The building walls are made of gray Aswan granite and are carved with characters from 120 human scripts.

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