Elzach, Germany

Hey there! During our fall stay in Freiburg, Germany, we headed out with Bev to the nearby village of Elzach to have a hang and meet up with our friend, David from Decker Bier, to visit the über-local brewery, Löwenbrauerei Elzach.

Before meeting up with David, we had plenty of time to enjoy the town and eat some tasty treats.

The below says, “One must attempt the impossible in order to achieve the possible.” Nice.

In the midst of our stroll, we hit up Gasthaus zur Krone for some traditional German eats.

I approve this message!

There were also some prints by the artist/photographer, Sebastian Wehrle, in the restaurant, which is somewhat common around these parts. I love, love, love his work, so I had to ogle and share

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