Erasing Lines at The Hagia Sophia, Turkey

Islamophobia has, understandably, been on my mind a lot lately. I’ve been watching as it slowly spreads across America – perhaps it’s always been around, just under the surface, but in recent months, with the election of our new President, it’s come to a rolling boil. He has villified Americans and foreigners alike, accused the Muslim community of sheltering radicalized terrorists, and signed an arbitrary Muslim ban on immigrants and visitors to America. (Now in its second iteration, after the first one was struck down on grounds it was unconstitutional).

The executive order is the manifestation of a multitude of shitty ideas. That all Muslims are terrorists. That denying refugees (many of them fleeing those exact terrorist groups we fear) into the United States will somehow make us safer. That Islam itself is the problem. And that somehow becoming isolationist will protect us.

It tries to draw a line of

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