Escaping the cold: 5 Winter hideouts

By on Nov 20, 2019 in Africa, Asia, Attractions, Bahamas, Caribbean, Going Out, Maldives, Middle East, Morocco, Regions, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Depending on where in the world you’re based, you may already be enduring cold bitter winds and inches of snow. It’s now that time of the year when the kids are out playing, enjoying the short days and snow, while us adults dread the bitter mornings and not having enough time in the day. With the Winter season creeping upon us, many Muslim travellers are looking to escape the cold weather and embark on a holiday full of sun, sand and sea. Not everyone is a fan of the Winter season, which makes it the ideal opportunity to lock up, pack your bags, and head somewhere warm.

This Winter, why not escape the cold and embark on a halal holiday where the sun shines bright,

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