Escaping the crowds on a Tanzanian safari

Safaris are meant to be full of blissful moments of serenity. Listening to the various calls of lapwings and rollers on the open plains, smelling the fresh water of the cascading rivers that meander through the landscape and the feeling of being at one with nature is the reason people travel half-way across the world to explore the vast wildernesses of Africa.

The problem however, is that if you don’t know what camp to go to or what park to visit, you can become bogged down by busy sightings, long queues and noise pollution that doesn’t allow you  to experience nature in all its serenity. Below we have an insight into the best ways to avoid the crowds whilst you’re visiting Tanzania.

The Serengeti

The Great Migration of wildebeest is a world famous spectacle – and rightly so. All year millions of wildebeests and hundreds of thousands of zebra

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