Escaping to a luxury safari home in Kenya

Escaping to a luxury safari home in Kenya By on Jun 23, 2021 in Accommodation, Adventure Travel, Africa, Kenya, Regions, Speciality Travel, Vacation Rentals

If you were to leave civilisation behind, round up 10 of the best people in your life, and all retreat to the wilderness, where would you go? Most of us have thought something like this at some or several points in our life, and for many, a wonderfully wild spot in Africa is the answer to that question every time – it might have even become a recurring daydream!

One of the continent’s most enthralling and deservedly famous wilderness destinations is the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Along with being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also the Seventh Natural Wonder of the World and, perhaps most importantly, the place on earth with the largest concentration of terrestrial wildlife.

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