Etiquette in Japan – key things you need to know

When exploring a new country, it’s common to pick up a few essential phrases to facilitate communication. However, it’s not just language skills that tourists need to consider; etiquette and expectations can vary widely from country to country, and Japan is no exception.

While Japan is renowned for its longstanding unwritten rules of etiquette, it’s unrealistic to expect visitors to know every nuance. Keeping this in mind, and with it typically being a peak time for holiday bookings, the experts at JRPass have compiled some helpful tips for tourists navigating etiquette and practices in Japan.

Here are some key considerations for visting Japan:

COVID etiquette and regulations

Although other countries had relaxed rules around COVID some time ago, it wasn’t until quite recently that COVID rules and mask guidelines were significantly eased by Japan’s government. Now, visitors to the country no longer need to provide a clear covid test or

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