Europe’s top 9 private jet airports

Private jets have access to over 3,000 airports in Europe, but which airports are most popular with private jet users? We look at the busiest airports in Europe based on the number of movements (landing and take-offs) throughout the year by private jet.

Although Paris Le Bourget is top of the list with the most private jet movements last year, London, has 3 private jet hubs in the top 9 with a combined total of over 73,000 movements making it the busiest city in Europe for private jet travel.

1. Paris Le Bourget

Le Bourget Airport is Paris’ dedicated private jet airport and the busiest business aviation airport in Europe. The airport is located approx. 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre. Due to the airport being exclusive to private jets only, it is classed as one of the fastest airports in respect of taxi and take-off times.

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