Experience blindness and type some Braille at Zagreb’s Typhlological Museum

I thought it was a typo on the sign at first, to be honest.

How ironic, I thought, that the sign for the Typological Museum would have a typo in it. 

It’s not a typo, though —  derived from typhlos (‘blind’) and logos (‘thought’ or ‘reason’), the Typhlological Museum covers the world of the blind and the visually impaired. Virtually every part of the museum is set up for the blind or visually impaired visitor, from Braille describing every sign to signs using large fonts. The curator pointed out the sandpaper-like strip on the floor, a tactile way of staying on the line, and noted “everything that is reachable is touchable”.

We have a young public teacher from the late 19th century to thank for starting this collection — in 1888, Vinko Bek began collecting items for a future ‘Croatian museum for blind people’. For decades it was a private collection, and

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