Experience The Food And Drink Culture Of The Dordogne

Added by on May 18, 2017

French cuisine has been globally revered for centuries. The country has such an eclectic range of foods and regional cuisines that it is a cornerstone destination for food tourists, a factory for world famous chefs and a gourmet restaurant utopia. What’s more, France has always been the world’s leading wine producing country (9 billion bottles a year!) and most of us still agree that the very finest wines are still produced here. So what does the Dordogne area bring to the table, so to speak? The Dordogne is famous in its own right as a foodie hotspot and home to some of the most rustic and traditional French cooking. Life in the region, it seems, is a celebration of fine food.

Not only is The Dordogne steeped in history, for example there are over 1,500 castles

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