Experience the Kimberley, Australia by yacht

Travelling along the north-western edge of Australia offers an introduction to a raw, wild coastline dotted with some 2,600 beautiful islands. The isolated and rugged Kimberley coast is often referred to as one of Australia’s great natural wonders; this never-ending natural haven of crystalline waters, white sands, pounding waterfalls, and sandstone gorges is guaranteed to take your breath away. In one of the most pristine regions in the world, incredible landscapes have been carved out over billions of years and mind-blowing geology delivers twisted rock formations with Aboriginal rock art hidden in dark crevices. Brimming with Australia’s best outback scenery and wildlife, inhabited by only 50,000 people over 400,000 square km, this is one of the most secluded and scarcely populated places in the world.

With predominantly two seasons – the dry and the wet – the Kimberley is hot most of the year and average temperatures are generally

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