Explore the only garbage truck collection in the United States

Officially, it’s the Waste Pro Garbage Truck Museum. Unofficially, it’s probably the biggest collection of its type.

I know, I know, you’re coming to Florida for beaches and all sorts of other places. Why on earth would I go out of my way to find a place that barely gets any visitors? Come on — this is chance to take in some vehicular history the average public has only a passing acquaintance with. Sure, the lumbering trucks might wake you up in the early morning, and you might be able to draw one if necessary…

A highlight, as seen above, is the Dunn coal and oil truck, circa 1921 — a chain driven truck that’s probably one of the oldest ones around. The curator, an older gentlemen called Mr. Bill by the staff, knows a little something about every truck on display. Let him lecture a bit, whippersnappers, and you’ll

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