Exploring Costa Rica, Finding Freedom, and Going Local: Book reviews for March 2017

Once a month, I put together the books I’ve read into a single review post. Alternatively, see plenty of previous book reviews over here, or see how I rate books.

Also, a quick disclaimer: review copies are typically provided or downloaded for free, and links may be affiliate links. These reviews cover the version of the book I read, not necessarily the version that’s currently available. A newer or updated version may be available – check for yourself using the links below.

We’re baaaaacckk! I haven’t had much cause to do these reviews, partially because I hadn’t received that many books for review. Lo and behold, three come my way in as many days… So here we go!

Going Local – Experiences and Encounters on the Road – Nicholas Kontis

When your book has a quote from the co-founder of Lonely Planet on the cover, expectations are set high from the

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