Exploring the Middle East – what to wear in Kuwait

An oil-rich land made mostly of hot desert sands, Kuwait has eschewed the ultra-glamorous look that other Middle Eastern countries have opted for and here you can find a much more authentically Arab culture instead. It’s still just as beautiful and intriguing though and also has a fine collection of museums, souqs, beaches and bustling restaurants. As in any Middle Eastern country, you will need to know what to wear before you head off. Here our guest blogger Susie Luff explains the customs you will need to observe…

When travelling to Kuwait, there are a number of things you need to consider. For instance, what are their social customs like? Since Kuwait is an Arab country, it is obvious that there is a lot you need to learn considering their strict rules. The Arabian way of living totally defers to the lifestyle you will find in the west, and you should be

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