Exploring the National Parks of East Africa

Exploring the National Parks of East Africa By on Aug 11, 2021 in Africa, Kenya, Regions, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda

East Africa is home to an exceptional array of wildlife and different landscapes. From immensely dense jungles to wide-open sweeping grass expanses, no matter what you are searching for, there is a wildlife answer in East Africa.

Through exceptional conservation work, both on the ground and behind-the-scenes, East Africa’s National Parks are heralded as some of the most successful on the continent, in both wildlife sightings and its management. For example, take the recent rhino poaching war that is currently raging across the continent; Kenya reported zero rhino poaching deaths compared to South Africa’s four hundred in 2020. Although this is a very basic look at one of the continent’s most complex wildlife atrocities, it does highlight how well the Kenyan authorities

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