Exploring the Wilderness of Aklan: A Very Challenging Hike to Mt. Nausang, Aklan’s Untamed and Highest Mountain in Panipiason, Madalag

By: Richard R. Cahilig

Tay Freddy, ma-éa-yo pa (is it still far)?, Ritchel asked Pastor Freddy, our local guide, while we were walking in the middle of the night in the mountains of Panipiason, Madalag, Aklan. “Ma-éa-pit éon lang, Ma’am, una éon sa unahan (we’re getting close, Ma’am, just few meters ahead),” Pastor Freddy replied. The rain was pouring and we started to feel cold so we stopped for a moment to get our jackets and rain coats. I pulled out my tarp and shared it with Ritchel and Tay Freddy and together, we used it as a walking shelter as we continue our hike to May Irimnan campsite. It was a struggle.

I didn’t expect to experience it on my second hike in this mountain. April 2017, a week after the successful exploration of AMSI (Antique Mountaineering Society, Incorporated), when I first hiked Mt. Nausan). Sarah (a fellow hiker) and I were the second group and the first two Aklanons to summit the highest mountain in Aklan with an altitude of 1,464 MASL. Its summit is located in Barangay Panipiason, Madalag, Aklan and its ranges extend to Libacao, Aklan. Looking back, I planned to explore it in 2015 but

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