Falling in love with Lisbon: 5 reasons why you’ll be enthralled by Portugal’s cool capital this Autumn

From the moment you arrive in this historic, maritime city one can’t help but be captivated. Autumn in Portugal’s capital is special; the vibrancy of the city remains, yet the crowds of high season have passed. It’s when one can all too easily fall in love with Lisbon.
You’ve probably read that Lisbon is the ‘new Barcelona’. Well the city is so much more; it has a unique identity, built upon its stunning geography, romantic architecture, sensational cuisine, vibrant culture, and fascinating history – these are the 5 reasons you should visit Lisbon this autumn.

1. The urban capital that embraces the ocean

Portugal was one of the world’s great maritime powers, and its capital, built at the mouth of the River Tagus, has a rich history reflecting influences from each corner of the globe. The city’s orientation to the Atlantic set the city to be an outward looking metropolis, and

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