Provence in Bloom

While lavender blooms all over France’s southern region, two hours north of Bandol are field upon field of the iconic herb. You have until early July to visit the fields in Provence. From mid-July, you can see the harvest in the Valensole plateau. However, if you what to see the most delicate lavender in bloom […]

The 8 best beaches of Sicily

First of all, arm yourself with a hat and sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30! Once protected from the sun, which feels more African than Italian, you will be free to discover fine sand, wild rocks, deserted and hidden coves in the southernmost region of Italy, Sicily, the second-largest island of the country. […]

Discovering Croatia aboard brand-new luxury yacht Acapella

Croatia is a favourite destination for sun lovers and culture seekers to engage with exceptional natural beauty and some of the world’s most outstanding world heritage sites, and it is possible to complete a whirlwind tour of all the greatest attractions in style with brand new luxury motor-sailer yacht ACAPELLA. Preserve your privacy, avoid crowded […]

Ancient history: 5 archaeological hot spots to visit around the world

By Kerry Golds on Apr 17, 2021 in Asia, Europe, Greece, India, Israel, Middle East, Peru, Regions, South America, Sri Lanka, Western Europe It is said that ‘the story of our present is told within the treasures of our past’ – and what a tale the following destinations have to tell. Each one is brimming […]

5 best ways to spend spring in Spain

With its rugged coastlines, soulful towns, mouthwatering cuisine, and vibrant local culture, Spain is every traveller’s paradise. Take a holiday in spring for almost guaranteed sunshine – and far fewer crowds. From Aitona’s breathtaking peach blossom trees in early March to the week-long Horse Fair in Jerez de la Frontera in May, the vibrant personality […]

5 exceptional retirement spots in Ecuador

Situated in South America’s northwest, Ecuador is bounded by the world’s largest ocean on one side and the planet’s largest jungle on the other. At the same time, slicing straight through the tiny country is the earth’s longest mountain range. What this all means is that people who decide to retire in Ecuador can choose […]

The magical Ionian Islands of Greece

The Ionian Islands are an idyllic destination to experience the delights of a yacht charter in Greece. A line of stepping-stones across the sea, the mix of islands trail the western coast of mainland Greece. Ribbons of sand frame the undulating shoreline backed by dense woodland on soaring hills. Blessed with deep anchorages, sheltered coves […]

Springtime in Barcelona: cultural activities

Barcelona is the perfect place to visit all year round thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate. Springtime is particularly good to visit when the weather is pleasant and warm, but without the busyness and high temperatures of the Summer. Enjoy the warm weather with a step out into nature of one of Barcelona’s many famous […]

My 6 favorite Napa Valley experiences

By Eric Hrubant on Apr 14, 2021 in Featured Luxury travel isn’t just my business, it’s my passion.  This past year has been a challenge on both fronts, but finally, we’re seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to hitting the road again.  One of the first places I hope […]

5 stunning Mallorcan villas with a pool

You may not know it but Mallorca has 262 beaches, so in theory you could book a luxury villa anywhere on the island and be within a short distance of a beach and the shimmering azure waters of the Mediterranean. But get real for a minute, why would you not want a pool with your […]

My Husband’s Pandemic Hobby.

Look, I am going to confess something, and as I do, please, please, please do not hurl anything heavy, because odds are, due to the pandemic and the ubiquity of the internet, we will not be in the same room, and it will not hit me. You’re just going to destroy your own computer or […]

Why you must visit Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is arguably Northern Tanzania’s least known wildlife destination. Whilst the majority of visitors head straight to the Ngorongoro Crater and then the Serengeti, this park is often overlooked. Although it does not have the headline grabbing migration or the popularity of the Crater, Tarangire is a destination not to be missed. Easily […]

5 English hotels to visit soon

Soon England’s hotels will be opening their doors again to welcome guests desperate for a weekend break or a holiday to explore city, coast or country. Here are five stars of England’s great hotel collection: from east to west and from north to south to help you start thinking where you will head once the […]

Where can Americans travel to in May?

By Christopher Hill on Apr 10, 2021 in Africa, Asia, Belize, Caribbean, Central America, Costa Rica, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Eastern Europe, Ecuador, Europe, Georgia, Guatemala, Iceland, Kenya, Maldives, Mexico, Namibia, North America, Regions, Rwanda, Seychelles, South America, Thailand, USA, Western Europe, Zambia Travel is back! ‘Flights’ is one of the most searched for terms on […]