Find your travel destination match and have a chance to win a trip of a lifetime! 

I think everyone has been there. You’ve been saving up for ages and you’re determined to go on that the trip of a lifetime but you can’t quite make the decision on where to actually travel to. Should you cuddle orangutans at Sepilok Sanctuary in Borneo, tango with handsome locals in Buenos Aires or just admire the jaw-dropping salt flats in Bolivia?
To help you with your tricky task, the genius peeps at KLM have invented the ‘Destination Match’ a fun interactive game that has the feel of online dating app but instead of matching you with John who insists on kissing a dolphin in his profile pic you’ll be matched with your dream travel destination instead! Yep, much more useful! The fun doesn’t even stop there. Play the interactive game and you have a chance to win a pair of tickets to a dream destination so once you find yours

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