Finding a little Indian spirituality and holistic wellbeing with Yogi Tea

One of the best things about travelling is truly embracing the culture of the country you’re in and what’s even better is if that newly acquired way of thinking stays with you long after the trip ends….and then enhances your life for years to come!

If you’ve travelled to India you will probably know what I’m talking about. India’s rich culture and traditions set it apart from rest of the world – a country layered with literally thousands of spiritual, and meditation centres and the abode of numerous gods, religious shrines, a plethora of festivities and intriguing rituals and rites. It’s a country that makes you think about the true meaning and how to achieve a complete peace of mind, body and spirit (even if it had never even crossed your mind before)! It’s also a place where several ancient life-giving practices like Yoga and Ayurveda originated.

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