Finding our mojo in The Great Outdoors

Slowly, ever so slowly, the world is waking up from a year of lockdown. Our strange hiatus in our homes has left us with two overriding emotions. First, we feel penned in and cannot wait to get out into the world again. Second, there is a hint of hesitancy, even fear maybe, of going to places where there might be crowds and close contact.

How can we hope to find our mojo with such competing emotional states?

An answer could be to get away from our homes and be in the outdoors. Rather than go on holidays to places where we would be clustered together, we go on a holiday where we can stretch our legs with peace of mind.

A place that could offer shelter and relaxation in Bandol is known as “Ville Tranquille”, for when the tourist season closes, the beauty of the landscape and the sheltered

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