Finding Romance on Your First Couple’s Trip

Added by on December 3, 2018

Travel seems like it should be the ultimate romantic gesture. With a landscape of exhilarating and wonderful experiences ahead of you, and nothing familiar but the person by your side, it should hardly be surprising that travel is something many brand-new couples make plans for Paris, Santorini and other far-flung, romantic destinations.

However, it quickly becomes obvious that travel isn’t as love-inducing as most people expect. The tedium, the stress and the thrills are all quite overwhelming, leaving little time or energy for the emotions you need to experience romance, like compassion and yearning. As a result, many new couples end up dissolving during or shortly after their first big trip — which isn’t at all what they wanted.

If you want to travel with your new SO but want to ensure that you feel the warm and fuzzies, read this guide

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