First impressions, the Bucharest edition

As this post goes live, we’ve been in Bucharest for just under a week. We’ve settled into our Airbnb, meandered through the Old Town a couple of times, and figured out the local grocery stores. That means one thing: we’re ready to rock Romania.

Some first impressions of Bucharest coming right up!

We ain’t in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Bucharest is the sixth-largest city in the EU (behind London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, and Paris), and with almost two million residents, there’s a lot going on. There definitely looks to be plenty of events and nightlife are around to keep people drinking until dawn (or at least out late).

Bucharest feels like a European had a drunken threesome with Bangkok and Bogota.

It’s occasionally chaotic, rarely quiet, and a city of two worlds. You can go from a modern, first-world mall full of classy clothes to a borderline-squalid decades-old tram stop in a couple of

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