Five Reasons to Stay in an Airport Hotel

Airport hotels have traditionally been a lodging of last resort, your only choice after a flight cancellation. But times have changed. These days, plenty of the USA’s biggest airports have modern, clean, welcoming hotels. Their convenience not only makes flying easier, but they can be a lot of fun for the kiddos. (Imagine planes landing and taking off overhead while you’re swimming in the pool!) Here are our Midwest TravelingMom’s flying tips on why you might want to stay at an airport hotel.

Kids get a kick out Hyatt Orlando Airport’s rooftop pool with a view of the air traffic control tower. photo credit: Andrea Guthmann, Midwest TravelingMom

My family recently spent a night in the Hyatt Orlando Airport. It was our first time staying at a hotel directly inside an airport and it turned out to be a surprisingly good time for everyone! It had me reevaluating

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