Food in Barcelona over Christmas and New Year

The Christmas period is a time for family, gifts and seasonal foods. These traditions make up the foundations of Catalan Christmas dishes in Barcelona. The feeling of having your loved ones around the table together, laughing and making memories, would not be the same without some great food to accompany the good times.

Barcelona is such a wonderful city, known for its gastronomic delights, due to having inspiration from Catalonia and Spain. This cultural mix has led to some of the most unique dining experiences that you can enjoy year round, for example with their world renowned Paella, or more locally known treats such as Crema Catalan, a sweet delight inspired by crème brûlée.

However, over the years, foods that can only be sourced at certain times of the year becoming linked with the festivities that coincide; the biggest one being Christmas. Follow us on a journey through Barcelona

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