Foods of Tuscany: What to eat in one of Italy’s best loved regions

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We all know that Tuscany is famous for its wine.  Italy consistently tops the global wine production charts, producing 4,796,600 tonnes of the stuff every year.  And a huge chunk of that comes from Chianti: an area located between the cities of Florence and Siena, in Tuscany.

However there are also plenty of foods that are traditionally produced and eaten in Tuscany, that are perhaps not quite so well-known, but are equally as delicious and well worth seeking out if you’re visiting the area.

Pici is a type of thick, hand-rolled pasta (think fat spaghetti!) that originates in the province of Siena.  It’s traditionally made with just flour and water (no eggs) and is commonly served with a spicy tomato and garlic sauce, porcini mushrooms, or pecorino cheese (more on that in a minute) and black pepper.

I can thoroughly recommend trying the latter version at Nonno Mede Restaurant in Siena.

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