Four Ways to Explore Quito (For All Budgets!)

Lately, I’ve made it a mission to spend more time in South America’s cities. I want to experience these hotspots of culture, gastronomy, and history as more than just jumping-off points to other adventures – I want to give them the credit they deserve.

As part of this newfound passion, I decided to spend much more than a one-night layover in Quito on my way to the Galapagos. In total, I spent 6 days exploring, using that time to test out a variety of methods for South American city exploration.

How do you prefer to explore a city?

The most budget-friendly way to visit any city is to do-it-yourself.

Staying in Quito’s Historic Center made it easy for me to explore the beautiful churches, grand old mansions, and literally awe-some architecture of the main district that helped the city earn World Heritage Status. Yes, the entire city of Quito has earned

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