Freiburg, Germany

Hey! As noted in our previous post about Staufen, we like to go to Germany at least once a year to visit our friends and hang out. This includes visiting our pals, Bev and Bruce, in nearby Freiburg.

Sadly, we lost Bruce this year while we were back in the U.S. He was an amazing person and we send him all the love and R.I.P. that we can. And, of course, endless hugs to Bev as she deals with his loss.

Another sad addition to this story is that we lost Louis while we were in Freiburg on this trip. He had his third stroke of the year late at night, so we had to head to the animal hospital and make the tough decision to have him put to sleep so he could go run through the meadows in the sky. He was nearly 16 years old, and he

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