Frigiliana, Spain

On our way back to Seville from Cartagena, we stopped in the village of Frigiliana. Known as “the most beautiful pueblo blanco in Spain,” we found a nice Airbnb there and decided to hang out for a few days.

Situated less than an hour east of Málaga and just north of the coastal town of Nerja, Frigiliana is home to 3,000 people, a whole lot of whom are expats from the UK and Northern Europe. The town also gets a lot of foreign and Spanish day tourists coming from the aforementioned cities, so it’s always bustling with something.

Despite its heavily expat vibe – we joked that our Spanish is better than most of the people who live here – Frigiliana still retains a lot of its old-world charm. It has an old, Moorish-Mudéjar district that was inhabited by the Moors centuries before the Brits and Germans showed

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