From Canada to Croatia: the journey behind the journey

So we’re sitting at my in-law’s dining room table in Nova Scotia…

Getting ready for the next big adventure. We had just completed an epic road trip from Nova Scotia to Toronto to Key West — and back to Nova Scotia. There’s a fair bit of decompression going on here as we’re sleeping in, looking at photos, pruning our stuff back down to a suitcase, a carry-on and a hopefully-not-too-oversized-personal-item-slash-computer-bag…

Stay with me here.

We know we’ll be spending some time in Eastern Europe, but which country do we start in? They’re all worthy, naturally, and they’re all places we’ll be spending as much as we can whilst on a tourist visa… After taking the local climates in March into account, both Croatia and Romania were still both perfect choices… So how do you break a tie?

My mother-in-law’s deck of cards. I shuffled them up, then turned to Laura. “Red

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