From Florence to Salerno, an Italian road trip

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We’ve been on a few road trips through Italy in the past. We love the freedom and Tim loves to drive. This time we would be heading East, South and then West with our final destination being Salerno where we would drop the car off and jump on a train to Naples.

Having pre-booked the car through Auto Europe, we headed to the Hertz office early on a Sunday morning. The drive out of Florence was quiet and maneuver.  We oohed and awed at the spectacular countryside, around Trasimeno Lake all the way to Civitanova and down to Pescara with glimpses of the Adriatic. The autostrade are toll highways and we use them as much as possible because they are extremely well maintained and worth the fees.

Going through the mountains in winter, it isn’t unusual to hit a few areas with snow. The rental car was

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