Full Road Accident Statistics for New Year 2017-2018 in Thailand

It is now that time of year when the Thai government publicize the daily accident reports from around Thailand. This year, the “Seven Dangerous Days of the New Year” is from 28th December 2017 to 3rd January 2018. During the new year holiday last year, 478 people were killed in road accidents. The leading causes of accidents every year is drunk driving and speeding. Most accidents involve motorcycles.

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7 Dangerous Days on Thailand’s Roads 2017-2018: xxx deaths (478 last year)
Day 1:
 41 deaths (42 last year)
Day 2:
 49 deaths (71 last year)
Day 3: 
xx deaths (86 last year) 
Day 4: 
xx deaths (81 last year)
Day 5:
 xx deaths (87 last year)
Day 6:
 xx deaths (59 last year)
Day 7: 
xx deaths (52 last year)

Total so far: 92 deaths, 1,107 injuries in 1,053 reported accidents.

* Please note, all deaths are recorded regardless

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